Presenting the new biography of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible, Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking including reviews of the book and information about Lucille. Lois Lucille Stickle Johnson Cedercrans Schaible. An Esoteric Psychology Profile by Victor Dutro Great Quest 02 DHY paper. Biography. Lois Lucille. The writings of Alice A. Bailey () and Lucille Cedercrans () serve as significant reference points in this effort. These teachings hold an.

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I opened my eyes and the weird sensation stopped.

I cedercgans that this was Lucille reaching out to me. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Mystics births deaths American Theosophists. Suddenly I felt a bit panicky. Bailey until much of her work was completed, her teacher having advised against it.

In the early ‘s Lucille lived in Estes Park with a small group formed to help anchor the incoming forces of synthesis.

About Lucille Cedercrans Schaible

From the first meetings, the Tibetan teachers recognized her as a meditation master. This I knew was to remind her to exit her body luucille the head center and thereby maintain continuity of consciousness from this life to the next. Webarchive template wayback links Orphaned articles from December All orphaned articles.

Lucille had once said to me, “Greg, hurry up and finish your preliminary practices, I want to do Guru Yoga with you before I die. In the ‘s Lucille maintained a prolific schedule of teaching, writing and organizing groups. By however, Lucille was again prompted to form a meditation group, and in was introduced to the Tibetan Buddhist lamas that had cedeercrans arriving in North America.

The Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans

Inshe temporarily suspended her work as a teacher of meditation. Then she was hospitalized.


In the corner of my bedroom was a vase-full of peacock feathers I had been carting around for years. Her rheumatoid arthritis flared up, her heart problems had worsened and she developed complications from her many prescribed medications. One of these, The Nature of the Soula 40 lesson series, was widely taught. The important issue of epistemological methodology and the testing of esoteric assertions is also considered.

Lucille was one such teacher.

Lucille Cedercrans

Lucille transitioned from this life on June 21, in Denver, Colorado, surrounded by her students. For the last twelve years of her life, she experienced torturous physical ailments and arthritis pain.

What these three women had in common was a desire to bring teachings of the Far East to Western audiences in ways that made these esoteric concepts more accessible. She used to say, “I may not have lived too long, but I have lived too much. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. She arranged for others to lead her groups and moved to Ann Arbor to pursue efforts that relied on her skills but had more of a focus on social action.

Integral Review

As the Recognizing that the spiritual thought forms of North America were largely conditioned by Christianity, she developed meditation training materials, llucille and writings which presented Eastern wisdom and concepts in a form that Western audiences could understand and embrace.

Undeterred by the doubts of others or more gnawingly her own, undaunted by the enormity of her task, her six children, or her lack of formal education, and never disheartened by her many physical ails, Lucille forged open the gateway to wisdom for hundreds of followers from Spokane, Washington, to Washington DC.


Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans serve as significant reference points in this effort.

In spite of opposition and lack of support, she was driven by her strong will to her spiritual path; at the same time, her strong will could demand daily adjustments from those around her, be they students or clerks in a store. In the early s, she began to shift her focus to Tibetan Buddhism, which she was authorized to teach until her death in Lucille’s unique contribution was presenting esoteric teachings through a program of relatively simple techniques, with an emphasis on the importance of making a commitment to serve Humanity.

Each time I remained with my eyes closed, the same feeling of weightlessness ensued. I thought about her constantly.

On the surface was a small boat with Lucille and Padmasambhava moving steadily into an empty horizon. Lucille formally adopted Tibetan Buddhism for herself and pursued it as her personal practice, and soon Tarthang asked her to present the teachings to interested Western students who were quickly gravitating to the Tibetan teachings. Over the last few weeks she had become unstable and given to erratic behavior.

As I opened the bedroom door, I saw that the peacock feathers had been perfectly placed spread out across the entire bed as if a great bird had fanned them open in beautiful display. As I chanted, my eyes closed and, in my mind’s eye I clearly saw a vast sea of rainbow light.