Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. It is fascinating to realize that as children grow and experience the world in both physical and psychological settings, their physical, mental, and creative growth.

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They have introduced a false set of values, which neglect the innermost needs of an individual.

Creative and Mental Growth

Needless to say, the more sensitive relationships we establish toward experiences in general, the richer is our life, for what is true about the traffic light is also true about flowers, trees, textures, colors, and all that surrounds us. In the same way as we can identify with colors and tones, we can also identify with materials gowth are using.

The curriculum in public schools tends to be little concerned with the simple fact that man, and the child too, learns through these five senses.

All these experiences will either remain undeveloped, disregarded, or as separate parts in a purely literal interpretation of a subject matter. When, inBrunel- leschi added the dome, the first of its kind, as an entirely lowenfepd concept of style and building, he did something perhaps more revolutionary and modern than comparable architectural changes of our times, for there was no one who complained about the differences in styles even within the one building.

Apparently we have no confidence in these vital institutions, for if we felt the need to glorify them, the places that housed them would express this spirit. The development of perceptual sensitivity, then, should become a most important part of the educative process.

For one student, water color may be the medium through which he expresses his desires without technical interference. These principles refer to the preparation of the plate, the acid used for etching, the control of the process of etching, printing process, and so forth. The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 37 Since the child’s main urges during scribbling are to identify with motor activity, the material used should encourage free expression of kinesthetic sensations without any intruding technical difficulties.


Coloring books affect a child’s creative expression. The final product is only the result of the preceding experience. In fact, it has been proven experimentally that a motivation is not always most effective when given individually. This, however, is significant in itself, as it reveals a most serious threat toward our ethics and civilization, especially as this is underlined by the fact that the home and family life of today have seemingly to find refuge in past periods.

That is a pretty stiff sentence just for being born a child. There are still people who look upon drawing and painting as being somehow removed from reality, and children seem to them to be touched with some magical power.

An accident cannot be repeated. What he knew of the tree, the swing, Mary, the fence. The child who imitates becomes dependent in his thinking, since he relies for his thoughts and expressions upon others.

There is no place in coloring books to express anxieties. Show me how you would pick them.

Viktor Lowenfeld

To be able gfowth rearrange ideas and shift the uses and functions of objects, or to see them in a new light, is appar- endy a quality that utilizes what is known, but for new or different pur- poses. If the child becomes inhibited in one area, it may be felt in the other.

Dad fixes the fence; Johnny could not draw Dad without putting himself into Dad’s place while fixing the fence. Some children cannot think of “something” because they either lack sensitive relationships to meaningful experiences or their minds are blocked and go around in circles.

They may even be very proud when they are through with their activity. Although his own death, and the deaths and retirements of his disciples, have lessened Lowenfeldian political in academia and therefore in teacher educationmrntal concepts go marching on.


Creative and mental growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain – Google Books

Even at a later stage of his scribbling, when he has the urge to name his scribbles, when he has the desire to give his scribblings distinct meaning, water color would interfere mentzl his experience. Cody Wheelock rated it did not like it May 19, In education the study of self-identification of the teacher with the needs of the child as nental as that of the child with his own needs becomes a science — in our opinion, one of the most important sciences today. An illustration of the incident in the literal meaning will neither integrate design elements that is, how an experience is expressed in a definite medium with the individual experience of landing at an 50 CREATIVE AND MENTAL GROWTH unknown place, nor will it aid the integration of movement, like jump- ing from the boat, or the integration of the smell and coldness of emntal atmosphere with all the other experiences.

If their minds are blocked and move around in stereotypes, their frame of reference needs to be extended. So, according to his likes and dislikes in color and placement, he gives expres- sion to his dislike for Bob in his drawing.

Imitation in learning a language is used with the aim of expressing oneself and communicating with others. The art medium and art expression must become an inseparable whole. The best and most progressive architects were chosen to design them. Dependent thinking, however, restricts the child in his choice of subject matter as well as in his mode of expression.