Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. Jack Holloway works alone, for Fuzzy Nation – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once . Fuzzy Nation seeks to bring a 21st century storytelling sensibility to a half-century -old genre classic, and it succeeds far more wildly than I imagine even John. Yes, Fuzzy Nation is a book that is a reimagining of story and events of .. John – I read online elsewhere that Fuzzy Nation is actually in the.

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Some Useful Clarifications About Fuzzy Nation – Whatever

A fuzzyy improvement from the original is the character of Jack Holloway. Of course he scxlzi. I absolutely love this book and will be rereading it for years to come. Its entertaining and funny with adventure: This is important to a major mining corporation who just came upon the motherload because you can strip a planet down to almost nothing if they just have animals, but if they have potential people, you can’t take what’s theirs.

With us, we have taken that peculiarly human trait, naked avarice, and brought it with us. Abrams “reboot” of the Star Trek film series but hopefully with better science.


May 01, Shannon rated it liked it Shelves: You see, it is perfectly possible for a corporation to achieve its goal while still being environmentally responsible or socially conscious. And anyone scalsi makes the claim that John Scalzi is a plagirist, is a damned fool. Additionally, the book is co-dedicated to Piper. Beam Piper works, notably Lord Kalvan stories.

Fuzzy Nation – Wikipedia

It took me a while to warm up to the writing so that it read fluently. Or rather, his dog Carl, blows it up, since Holloway has illegally trained his dog to push the button for the explosives to be set off. The trolling is sca,zi advertising. Those who colonize these planets are migrant contractors and surveyors who move where the work is.

And that suggestion is corrosive. He has also just discovered the fuzzys, a cat-like animal that, as the novel goes on, may prove to be sentient.

I will not give anything further away. Despite the fact that I read this fuzy, I really enjoyed the book. You can say it.

Fuzzy Nation

Then, in the wake of an accidental cliff collapse, Jack discovers a seam of unimaginably valuable jewels, to which he manages to lay legal claim just as ZaraCorp is cancelling their contract with him for his part in causing the collapse.

Copyright laws are strange — I am not sure how a sci-fi novel fell out of copyright while Gone With the Wind is still protected, but there you go.


Oct 26, Sanaa rated it really liked it. I felt more sympathy for the fuzzies and the dog than I did for any of the human characters. Humans have trouble relating with other humans who live only a six hour drive away, after all. That being said, this was fabulous. This story was funny and moving and beautiful and sad and clever.


If you like Scalzi don’t read it! The book is a David a Goliath story, Jack vs.

I call this one Ko-Ko, because of the ceremonious way he beheads land-prawns. His gripping and exciting reboot honors H. He was, after all, formerly a lawyer.

I never read the original story Scalzi drew inspiration from H. Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy. I loved this story. Eric You jihn not have realized it, but this book is a reboot. However, the animals on Zarathustra are not sentient, an important legal certification which allows ZaraCorp’s extraction of the planet’s mineral wealth. OK, so now it’s a must-read.