Everything Good Will Come has ratings and 90 reviews. karen said: in my mind, because i am notoriously illiterate when it comes time to read the back. Everything Good Will Come is about the coming-of-age of Enitan, the chief character, as she develops from a gripping aura of innocence to an. Abstract. Sefi Atta’s debut novel Everything Good Will Come () examines the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Through these various.

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I will not pick it up again except ckme a class, and even then I will be reluctant to do so. What’s being traced throughout the book is Ocme development as a woman, person, citizen. My Africa was a light one, not a dark one: Well written, I found it a bit slow going half way through, but it appeared to be just a lull. So the story is basically a bildungs Agta, we get to see Enitan from the time she was a little girl until her 30’s.

It follows the life of a woman as she grows up and becomes a lawyer. In the first 40 pages, I was so absorbed in this story that I couldn’t put it down. She lives in Mississippi with her husband Gboyega Ransome-Kuti, a medical doctor, and their daughter, Temi.

Through family tragedy and everyything torn Nigeria, these two friends come of age, and define their strengths in different ways. The title is like a prayer, a mantra. A young girl, Enitan, growing up in war torn Nigeria meets her neighbor, the beautiful Sheri.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Wole Soyinka Prize for African Literature. Her drive for change is frowned upon by her husband, who wants her to stay at home and take on “women-like” tasks. The significance of Everything Good Will Come lies within the historical perspective Sefi Atta uses to look at her character’s life. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. Fair enough, young adults trying to make a start in life often find blame in the system or in others as a reason to why it’s all too hard.


One of the things that I most appreciated about it was that the protagonist, Enitan, makes very conscientious decisions about evrything she wants for her life, about being a “modern woman,” among other thintgs. It was published by Interlink World Fiction in Dec 26, Ebehi rated it it was ok. The book follows their journey into adulthood and the choices they have had to make.

Later in the novel Enitan’s mother is a woman who tried everything to save her son and breaks down when nothing can be done.

Everything Good Will Come

Designed by Shaila Abdullah. Return to Book Page. And it was distracting. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

Oct 10, Daphne Lee rated it it was amazing. The Hausa dominate the northern region of Nigeria, the Yoruba dominate the southwestern region, and the Igbo dominate the southeastern region.

Sefi Atta :: Everything Good Will Come

However, the three most dominant tribes in the country are HausaYoruba and Igbo. In an attempt to rule its own region, the Igbo declared themselves independent from God, and named the southeastern region of the nation Biafra. To an African reader, these things could appear over-explained. At the beginning of the novel we see how different characters view the war and react to it. She is often referred to as a strong person by Enitan.

Underpinning the narrative are her many relationships, especially those with women her best friend Sheri, her mother, a journalist called Grace Ameh. Up until Enitan gets pregnant everything seems all qill with their relationship even though Niyi acts like a child that Enitan has to take care of instead of a grown man.

It’s in this friendship that the character’s differences shine through and like all well-described relationships, we begin to understand what makes these characters tick and we find out what we like or dislike about them. To view it, click here. Boka virker egentlig litt for stor for meg, om det gir evertthing. At the beginning of their relationship Niyi is just like her father and tells her to stand up for her rights when the men at her job try to take advantage of her in a work-related way.


Lady Cop Makes Trouble. It isa year after the Biafran War, and Nigeria is goox military rule—though the politics of the state matter less wkll those of her home to Enitan Taiwo, an eleven-year-old girl tired of waiting for school to start. Tom Sawyer meets Jane Eyre, with Nigerian girls…you can feel the dust and wilo. In addition to the stress from her failing marriage, her father’s political outspokenness and subsequent arrest forces her into activism and results in a night in jail.

The main character Enitan, is one all wom I zefi always maintained that women are the ones who can write best on matters that pertain to them, and this excellent book proves this.

But it was one thing to face an African community and tell them how to treat a woman like a person. There is nothing tying all these scenarios together, except that they involve the same character and that the challenge of being a modern woman in Nigeria is a prominent theme. The good will come, so will the bad. Spain Sri Lanka St. Aug 12, Nate C.

Despite the differences in their beliefs, their friendship was super strong. Many of the scenes and situations in the book are fresh and painfully real, giving glimpses of what a great book this swfi be if the author focused in and fully developed a few of them.

Something Good Comes to Nigerian literature. Her own time in jail shows Enitan for the reality of how the people everythihg her country, specifically the woman, are being treated by the people on power. However, the situation became volatile with back-to-back military coups that were led mostly by corrupt Hausa military officers.

Whenever I read foreign books, they never explained the simplest things, like snow.