Paz Márquez-Benítez (–) was a Filipina short-story writer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Although she only had one more published short story after ” Dead Stars” entitled “A Night in the Hills,” she made her mark in Philippine literature. Dead Stars. 1. THE AUTHOR: PAZ MARQUEZ BENITEZ – Born in March 3, in Lucena, Quezon – She studied at the University of the. Dead Stars by Paz Marquez-Benitez Alfredo Salazar was betrothed to Esperanza , his girlfriend for four years. The start of their relationship was relatively “warm”.

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Dead Stars

San Marqueez was up in the hills! Eight o’clock, lugubriously tolled from the bell tower, found the boat settled into a somnolent quiet. Whereas The Looking Glass offers a dismal and pessimistic view of taking risks and how that can play out negatively in the future, Dead Stars seems to beg the question, What if?

It blew the hair away from her forehead, and whipped the tucked-up skirt around her straight, slender figure.

Paz Márquez-Benítez

Basically the telenovella of yesteryear. And it was because of Julia Salas. There swept over the spirit of Alfredo Salazar a longing so keen that it was pain, a wish that, that house were his, that all the bewilderments of the present were not, and that this woman by his side were his long wedded wife, returning with him to the peace of home.

It was written by a Filipino at the turn of the century, at a period when we were adjusting to another language by way of conversations. He could not understand those months of a great hunger that was not of the body nor yet of the mind, a craving that had seized on him one quiet night when the moon was abroad and under the dappled shadow of the trees in the plaza, man wooed maid.

Oct 16, Bea Therese rated it liked it. Benitez but with a little less fancy-schmancy synonyms. The beloved woman, he standing close to her, the shadows around, enfolding.


His heart beat faster as he picked his way to shore over the rafts made fast to sundry piles driven into the water. Esperanza must be tired waiting. Besides the fact that the title of the short story appears in this passage, which I think is really lovely the titleI think I can relate to this somehow.

What people will say–what will they not say? The story is mainly about three people: One evening he had gone “neighboring” with Don Julian; a rare enough occurrence, since he made it a point to avoid all appearance of currying favor with the Judge. Benirez page was last edited on 27 Novemberat And the ending is just right. But that is too easy, one does not dare–“. The thing that struck me most about Dead Stars is that it was so exquisitely written.

Inshe founded “Woman’s Home Journal,” the first women’s magazine in the country. Still, putting into context that this story was written at a time when Filipinos have benifez to learn the American language, the adeptness of the author in applying what she has learned is at least worthy of appreciation. The vessel approached the landing quietly, trailing a wake of stags golden ripples on the dark water.

Paz Marquez-Benitez (Author of Dead Stars)

That was the town, a little up-tilted town nestling in desd dark greenness of the groves. And angry on Alfredo. You need not think of me and of what people will say. Yet what could he say that would not offend? One factor that might have influenced this decision is because everyone around him knows about the upcoming marriage.

He and Julia Salas stood looking out into the she quiet night. She held the editorial post for over two decades.

It was too early to sleep: How peaceful the town was! Because of her writings and because she became a teacher, she had been able to share her experiences in her writing career, share her knowledge and most importantly inspire brnitez to write. Benitez is a master poet.

And sometimes that is all the heart needs, a momentary skip, a half beat a dysrythmia, just so a man would pas alive. He missed it, sitting opposite her, looking thoughtfully into her fine dark eyes. In which in this case, we let the light b. On the outskirts the evening smudges glowed red through the sinuous mists of smoke that rose and lost themselves in the purple shadows of the hills.


He looks up sometimes from the valley where settles the dusk of evening, but he knows he must not heed the radiant beckoning. I was once an Esperanza and a Julia at certain “phases” in that relationship, maybe even an Alfredo upon realizing and seeing only dead stars. Jan 15, Erlyn Lazaro rated it it was amazing. Crap, I’m not into vocabulary lately but I got a mouthful of it from Dead Stars.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I did not feel any sympathy for the main character. Jul 14, Courtney rated it really liked it. Greed–mortgaging the future–forcing the hand of Pz, or of Fate. She was charming and gleeful.

Refresh and try again. D Oh, and if you’ve never read the story, you can read it online here. If a man were married, why, of course, he loved his wife; if he were engaged, he could not possibly love another woman. He is engaged to Esperanza but him still fleeting to Julia Salas. It also shares good humor, Julia and Alfredo’s conversations being filled with lightness and heart.

I admit I wasn’t engrossed that much the first time I read this ’cause I was utterly feeling sleepy when I started reading the story. Nov 28, Kels rated it liked it Shelves: There were no Indios, no Umalohokans, no Saguiguilids, only the old rich and the neo-cultivated minds of the Filipinos who has learned to read and write that thrives the country.