Where can I locate the users manual for the Cisco Explorer HDC DVR? I’m been unable to locate any documentation or support resources for this DVR on. Cisco HDC Cable DVR T : Industrial & Scientific. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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Cisco Quick Reference Guide. So far the only item I have been able to obtain is the quick reference guide. The box appeared brand new when I received it after starting the service. I cisci found that I can see the list of recordings on my Windows Media Player in Win 7 64bit but I get an errror that says I cannot connect to the server if I try to play the recordings on the computer.

I can if needed use the Ethernet port or the USB port in the front. See this description for the Motorola box http: If so, where is the antenna and how do I disable it? Of the 44 pages of the diagnostics, which page should I look on to determine the fault.

Some of them take a second or two to appear once you flip to them. It will take a few minutes for it it recalculate disk space. Be advised though 87442 this will cause you to loose any saved shows, but it should get the box back up and running.


Did you remove the label off the back of the DVR? Now with the second box.

Did you find any new info on this issue? Google brought me cosco as some of you posted about similar issues with theand possibly other Cisco units, not outputting true stereo over RCA. The biggest problem I have is that some upper channels just quit coming in, usually overnight. The box gets sluggish in responding to command. What should happen with Swap is that Tuner 1 stays put xisco the channel you were watching, and Tuner 2 you can channel surf, etc.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco HDC Cable Box – Sam Kear dot com

Thanks for all the information on this device. Are you sure the cable you have is HDMI and not a different type?

After minutes it works from 874 longer distance and I am able to sit on my couch. FYI, the external power supplies are all about truck rolls service calls.

Cisco 8742HDC Cable DVR T73588

They get you coming and going. If so, you may have noticed a guide update in the last 6 months. To disable it go into the clock options menu of the display settings.

I had read on line that a possible fisco was to have the hard drive for the CISCO box be configured as “always on” which is not the default.


Users manual for Explorer HDC DVR – Cisco Community

Starting to believe its over heating and with new power cord it is messing up more, it has always been well ventilated, just not with a fan.

Any idea what the optical digital stream is? I see the USB ports. The issue that I am having is that the PIP function does not work. It appears that without a remote paired to this particular box, viewing options are extremely limited. Then again, I have heard reports of ODN v5. Hey Sam I notice when putting the on accounts the M-Card Mac comes up in the system but the EcmMac does not this giving the customers no pic.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

TWC will eventually have a Any ideas on how to correct this problem. There have been two mentions in the thread regarding random channel switching and reboots. Last night with fan turned off it rebooted a number of times and finally showed an error I un plug it 87422 and right away displays this code and ciscl find out what it means.

Have had signal problems for years, picture digitalizes in same locations, worse on some channels.