Bidayat al-hidayah (Beginning of Guidance) {بداية الهداية} By Imam Ghazali {امام غزالي} Arabic Editions Bidayat al-hidayah fi al-adab. Bidayat al Hidayah was written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al- Ghazālī during his last days. It is a guidebook describing the principles of getting . بداية الهداية ويليه: عقيدة الإمام الغزالي. BIDAYAT AL-HIDAYAH + ‘AQIDAT AL- IMAM AL-GHAZZALI. AUTHOR. Imam Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad al-Ghazzali (d.

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The mind of a realfy pious Muslim, wherever he may be physically, remains attached to the mosque. Prohibited acts are identical with sins, and because sins are committed by different parts of the body it is these parts which must be checked. Blessed are You, O Lord of majesty and al-hidayaah

Bidayat al Hidayah by Imam al Ghazali

Beware, again, beware of being ‘below Standard’! If you have not already performed the two sunna rak’as of the Dawn Prayer [at home], execute them [in the mosque] instead of the two rak’as of greeting the mosque; [in this case you need not perform the two rak ‘as of greeting the mosque].

An explanation of such purposes is to befound in al-hidaya. Dar Nur as-Sabah Syria. First a man has to acquire knowledge of the beginning of guidance and act in accordance with it. They pass with it to the third heaven, and the angel responsible there says, ‘Stop and with this deed strike the face of its doer; I am the angel in charge of pride; my Lord has commanded me not birayat allow his deed to pass beyond me, for he took pride at the expense of his associates.

Had God enforced His will for your good, He would bbidayat shown you your own faults.

Bidayat al hidayah by imam al ghazali | Hazim Aieryl –

When he says as-salatu khayrun min an-nawm ritual prayer is better than sleep al-gidayah, you say, ‘you have spoken truly and you are right, and I bear witness to that sadaqta wa bararta, wa and ‘ala bidayar min ash-shdhidfn. God, I beseech You, at the time of ritual prayer for You, of call to You, and of the retreat of Your night, and of coming of Your day, that You would bestow on Muhammad Your favour of his being a means al-wasila 65 of excellence and of an bdiayat rank, and raise him to the praiseworthy station al-maqdm al-mahmud which You have promised him, 66 O the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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I bear witness that there is no god except God alone; He has no partner. Then when the time alhidayah the Late-afternoon Prayer is come, perform four rak’as before the obligatory rak’as of this ritual prayer.

If, however, you seek knowledge from gossip, contradiction and dispute, then how great will be your misfortune, how prolonged your toil, how bidsyat your al-hidaayah and loss! Bidayzt is a noble day; God glorified and powerful is He! I heard God’s Messenger may God bless him and greet him!

Indeed, the Messenger of God may God bless him and greet him! If, then, you want to guard your bodily members against sins, you must purify your soul, and this is through inward piety.

After siesta, perform ablution, go to the mosque, perform [two rak’as of the] ritual prayer of greeting the mosque tahiyyat al-masjidand await the call to ritual prayer and [when this call is made] make the appropriate responses to it. Do not face the direction of the Holy Ka’ba in Mecca, 29 an d do not turn either face or back to sun or moon. It is divided in two Parts, namely acts of obedience and refraining from Sin. The system of translite- ration followed is given on page He is urged upon the performance of various forms of devotional acts as well as acts directed towards his fellow-men.

Consider in front of Whom you stand and speak, and feel ashamed of addressing your Master with a mind inattentive to Him and filled with wordly suggestions and abominable desires. One is backbiting, for by this people can ak-hidayah [the fault of the man of whom you are speaking].

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The soul is that part of you, the soundness of which leads to the soundness of the whole body.

The condition bidayaf the soul and the gualities it has acquired determine the nature of the acts ofone’s bodily members. God, keep me from Your punishment in the Day when You will raise Your servants [i. The work shows how deeply al-Ghazzali personally realized what he wrote about, al-hisayah his masterly treatment of hundreds of questions dealing with the inner life that no one had previously discussed or solved is a performance of sustained excellence that shows its author’s well-disciplined legal intellect and profound appreciation of human psychology.


If a man is such that you know for sure that the greater part of his property was acquired by forbidden means, then that part of his property which you accept, although it was possibly acquired by lawful means, should be considered as acquired by forbidden means, since it is more probable that this part of his wealth was acquired by forbidden means.

He has made his knowledge a means to increase his wealth, to boast of his influence and to pride himself bicayat his numerous followers.

The rules of companionship with common men are: Wrangling, Disputing, and Discussing Subtle Theological and Metaphysical Matters Avoid wrangling, disputing and discussing with people very subtle theological and metaphysical matters.

The Imam of his time, nicknamed Shafi’i the Second for his legal virtuosity, he was a brilliant intellectual who first studied jurisprudence at Tus, and then travelled the Islamic world, to Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Alexandria, Mecca, and Medina, taking Sacred Knowledge from its masters, among them the Imam of the Two Sanctuaries al-Juwayni, with whom he studied until the Imam’s death, becoming at his hands a scholar in Shafi’i law, logic, tenets of faith, debate, and in the rationalistic doctrines of the philosophical schools of his time, which he was later called upon to refute.

This book in its entirety is translated, with a running com- mentary and numerous notes, in the present work in order to provide the reader with al-Ghazali’s views in full. If you have the al-hiayah of rising at night for supererogatory ritual prayers, [especially the Tahujjud Prayer], a-lhidayah the habit of remaining ap-hidayah at night for any other good purpose, then take your siesta al-hidahah before midday; for it is an aid to night-rising, just as a meal immediately before dawn is an aid to fasting.

While drawing it in, supplicate: I seek the protection of the Lord of mankind,” as a protection against the accursed Satan. After you have finished cleansing yourself, [following the methods described in the preceding chapter], do not omit the use of a tooth-stick miswakfor its use cleanses the mouth, pleases the Lord, and displeases Al-gidayah.