Sakti, Lintang Sandy Tria () IMPLEMENTASI ALGORITMA RC4 UNTUK ENKRIPSI-DEKRIPSI PADA APLIKASI SMS. Other thesis. Abstract. Security and confidentiality of data is currently a very important issue and continues to grow. Some cases involving data security is. sebab itu muncul ide membuat sistem keamanan data dengan algoritma kriptografi mengimplementasikan algoritma RC4 dan CBC untuk merahasiakan data.

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Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 6 January Where a protocol is marked with ” optionally “, RC4 is one of multiple ciphers the system can be configured to use.

In March researcher to Royal Holloway announced improvements to their attack, providing a 2 26 attack against passwords encrypted with RC4, as used in TLS. The output generation function operates as follows:. Nowdays, Short Message Service is one of popular way to communicate. The cipher is also vulnerable to a stream cipher attack if not implemented correctly.

Email the author Login required. This conjecture was put to rest in with a formal proof given by Souradyuti Paul and Bart Preneel. Many stream ciphers are based on linear-feedback shift registers LFSRswhich, while efficient in hardware, are less so in software.

Retrieved 26 October In this research, there are modifications to the Diffie-Hellman protocol that is the calculation of the public key and symmetric key to include cellular phone number as authentication. Prohibiting RC4 Cipher Suites.

The main factors in RC4’s success over such a wide range of applications have been its speed and simplicity: If not used together with a strong message authentication code MACthen encryption is vulnerable to a bit-flipping attack.


The key-scheduling algorithm is used to initialize the permutation in the array “S”.

Two posts in sci. Therefore it requires a security in sending an SMS message which is called cryptography. Proposed new random number generators are often compared to the RC4 random number generator. This is due to the fact that if the third byte of the original state is zero, and the second byte is not equal to 2, then the second output byte is always zero. InAndreas Klein presented an analysis of the RC4 stream cipher showing more correlations between the RC4 keystream and the key.

One approach to addressing this is to generate a “fresh” RC4 key by hashing a long-term key with a nonce.

Enkripsi Data Menggunakan Algoritma RC4

Such a modified algorithm is r4c called “RC4-drop[n]”, where n algorirma the number of initial keystream bytes that are dropped. This was attacked in the same papers as RC4A, and can be distinguished within 2 38 output bytes. For as many iterations as are needed, the PRGA modifies the state and outputs a byte of the keystream.

To generate the keystream, the cipher makes use of a secret internal state which consists of two parts:.

RC4 – Wikipedia

For other uses, see RC4 disambiguation. This algorithm has a constant probability of success in a time which is the square root of the exhaustive key search complexity.

This can be corrected by simply discarding some initial portion of the output stream. These test vectors are not official, but convenient for anyone testing their own RC4 program. Retrieved 29 July The reason of using SMS is a cheap rate, practical and fast delivery.


Archived from the original on 11 July If the nonce and long-term key are simply concatenated to generate the RC4 key, this long-term key can be discovered by analysing a large number of messages encrypted with this key.

Ina new and surprising discovery was made by FluhrerMantin and Shamir: First, the array “S” is initialized to the identity permutation. Retrieved 21 September This is similar to the one-time pad except that generated pseudorandom bitsrather than a prepared stream, are used.

InAndrew Roos experimentally observed that the first byte of the keystream is correlated to the first three bytes of the key and the first few bytes of the permutation after the KSA are correlated to some linear combination of the key bytes. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat The research found that with the cellular phone number as authentication, algiritma, encryption and decryption process automatically it is able to maintain confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and non-repudiation to the message.

RC4 generates a pseudorandom stream of bits a keystream. Symmetric-key algorithm Block cipher Zlgoritma cipher Public-key cryptography Cryptographic hash function Message algooritma code Random numbers Steganography.

Several attacks on RC4 are able to distinguish its output from a random sequence.