The largest glossary of Hybrid Rudiments online featuring over Rudiments from session drummer / teacher Lewis Partridge. Hybrid Rudiment Book. Some of the more contemporary DCI geared drummers have probably already seen it. There is some crazy stuff in. A good ‘social’ list is is the hybrid rudiments book .pdf file) originally posted on this thread of : from Egg Beaters to.

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The New Breed II. My reading has taken leaps beyond where hybbrid was with tricky patterns, added partials, and combinations. You can find these online with the provided links below and also look for my Lesson Of The Week where you will find my Hybrid Rudiment Breakdown series.

Thinking back on it I can see how those sessions closely compare to learning hybrid rudiments, or rudiments in general. While this question could easily just ask for an entire treatise on advanced snare drumming, I’d like to specifically focus on the rudiments and leave topics like technique, solo creation, visuals, etc. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

To find out more about how we use cookies and how you can change your settings, read our privacy policy Accept Cookies Reject Cookies X. Fubar by Pete Sapadin. The following rudiments are a must to know before jumping into the hybrid world.


I hope this section will inspire hybrir kit drummers to check out Hybrid Rudiments and develop their drumming vocabulary 1128. It actually started on Drumlines. I know I’m far from truly mastering them, but I feel like I’m ready to move on to something new as well while I continue to hone my skills for those Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

After spending the past four years studying Hybrid Rudiments I have found many improvements in my playing, touch, and feel behind the drum set. Inverted Flam Cheese by Thom Hannum. I’ve dutifully studied the 40 essential snare drum rudiments for several months now.

The Importance Of Learning Hybrid Rudiments |

Drag Paradiddle 2 – A Paradiddle combined with a Drag. You should have drkm decent understanding of standard rudiments to be able to execute most of these hybrids. I’ve learned the 40 essential rudiments for snare drum. Horsey by Bill Bachman.

Flam Flam by Zach Schlicher. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The multiple versions of the same thing grow tiresome as well.

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If you know of any Hybrid Rudiments that are not listed in this glossary or notice any errors or duplicates in my pages, please contact me and help me to keep this educational resource complete and up to date.

  LEY 158-01 PDF

After we ruduments a number of tricks under our belt it became easier to execute more advanced tricks.

Choo-choo by Zach Schlicher. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This page features an ever growing glossary of Hybrid Rudiments.

This site uses cookies. I actually think he’s younger than me.

Rudimental Drumming :: View topic – Hybrid Rudiments

This alludes to the fact that there already is a sort of standardized list of hybrids that have become well known throughout the drumming world. So you are not a rudimental player… Great! It’s time we took full advantage of the centuries of development snare drummers have given to providing us with such a wealth of rudiments, patterns and techniques.

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